Individual RV Reports

Before You Buy A New or Used RV – Get Your RV Report has been providing RV reports to the buying public for almost 15 years now. We rate all RV models manufactured in the United States and Canada, from 2006 to today.

  • Motorhomes (Class A, C, B+ & B)
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Travel Trailers
  • Toy Haulers
  • Ultra-Lite Trailers

We receive many emails from buyers wanting to know if the model they are looking to buy is quality built. This is a big concern for most buyers and we are the only company providing individual ratings online. We actually talk with dealers, owners and the manufacturers themselves and attend various RV shows.

Individual RV Reports

Part One – Here is what is included in each RV report:

Each 8 to 10-page RV report starts out with a Factory Article about the manufacturer that builds the model you’re considering. Article is based on our interviews with each manufacturer over the last eight years, giving our customers some additional insight into the manufacturer and direction the company is heading. Each factory article contains:

  • Company history
  • Principle target customer
  • List of best-selling model
  • Company’s main competitors
  • Comments by research staff

factory-Individual RV Reports

Part Two – RV Reports Intended Use:

In this section of the report we focus on intended use. There are four main categories most RV models will fall into. They are: Weekend, Vacationer, Snowbird and Full-Time use.

Based on the standard options, overall quality, and data collected from various RV sources, we can accurately determine the overall intended use of a particular model.

If your intention is to use your RV to head south for the winter and spend 3-6 months a year in your unit, you will probably be dissatisfied with a poorly constructed model or a model that was intended for moderate use only.

RV report 1

Part Three – Comprehensive Rating Chart:

The manner in which a particular RV model performs in the areas of: Quality of Construction, Reliability, Payload, Drivability (motorhome only), Customer Satisfaction, Style & Resale Value will ultimately determine the overall satisfaction level of the unit.

When rating a particular model, our staff has spoken with RV owners, dealers and we attend various RV shows on a regular basis. We also receive feedback from people that have bought our reports in the past. All this information is collected and stored in our data base which allows us to accurately rate models based on over eight years of research.

RV Reviews chart

Part Four – Depreciation Chart:

This cart shows how a particular RV model depreciates over time and the RV dealer’s invoice for a new model or the true wholesale value for a used model. This information will help you decide if the model you’re looking at is a good investment and how a particular model will perform over time in regards to resale value. Having the dealer’s invoice or true wholesale value is very important and puts you in the driver’s seat when it is time to negotiate a price. This data has helped thousands of our customers over the years and we receive positive emails on a regular basis thanking us for this info. Each report also includes a STAR RATING showing what that particular RV model received based on the data collected in the Comprehensive Rating Chart. A Five Star Rating is the highest rating an RV model can receive.

RV Reviews chart 2

How we gather our data:

Our ratings are based on interviews with RV manufacturers, RV dealers, owners, consumer survey sites, NADA Guides and attending various RV shows. We also receive valuable feedback from customers that have purchased our reports and our RV Comparison Guides in the past. is a dedicated group of RV enthusiasts that have no ties or connections to RV dealers or manufacturers. We don’t receive commissions or kick-backs to promote one model over another.

How to Place Your Order
  1. First – place your order using our secure shopping cart. Select the # of reports you want below, then you will be taken to our shopping cart, complete ordering process.
  2. Once order has been processed and payment has been received you will receive an email with instructions to access your RV Form, this form is located on our website.
  3. There is no time limit to request a report, but when you’re ready, just fill out a simple form that asks for the make, brand, model # & year.

Report(s) are sent via email as a Microsoft Word Document.There is no time limit. (You can request your report(s) at anytime. Once we receive your request we will process your report. Most reports are processed within 24-hours during normal business hours. With the exception of weekends which can take up to 72 hours.

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